Grapes Of Wrath

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Oppressed people should be dealt with in a way that demonstrates compassion and justice. In the book, a waitress named Mae sold nickel candy to a migrant family for a penny. We need to take care of, and be concerned about the enviroment. There is an interchapter in the book, where Steinbecks's anger over environmental abuse shows through, in his segment about the tenant's "raping" the land with large cotton crops. Survival is a strong instinct. The Joads have surpassed obstacles, such as, continuos deaths in the family, hunger, and constant discrimination, with their will to survive.

If there is difference, there is discrimination. From his extensive study of the stars, Galileo Galilei declared that the planets revolved around the sun. Up until that time, all of Europe strongly believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. Galileo's observation's challenged that of the Catholic Church, and church officials put him on trial.

Galileo was threatened with death, solely because he discovered the truth. He was discriminated for his astronomical understanding, which was leading to change. Throughout history, social status has set humans in a natural civil war. It is a course that cannot be altered until our government makes a move to change the way our economy is set up. It is evident that he economy was lacking finality, when the Great Depression struck the world. An example would be the way the Joads, like the rest of the migrant workers, were treated when money was short. The higher class people, described as "monsters" in the book, were present in every thing that was slowly leeching away the life from the middle class people. They were dirty, hungry, and desperate for work, which therefor made them a threat. The well in doubt population, looked at the poor migrant...