Great Train Robbery

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The Great Train Robbery is about how Edward Pierce and Robert Agar managed to pull off one of the greatest train robberies of all time. The robbery was so great that even now all of it is still not understood. The main characters in this book is Edward Pierce and Robert Agar. These two characters planned this train robbery for nearly 3 months and were delayed twice. They had to change there plans at the last second because they learned that the train was taking a different route and there would be new stops. It was also found out that it would be harder than first expected to get on the train because there was a new guard put on duty that would have to check every bag before it was loaded on board, so they could not hide in a box and expect to get on. But Pierce being the genius that he was found out that there was to be a coffin moved on the train.

Before the coffin was to be loaded. He dumped the body and Agar layed inside thinking that they would never check a coffin. Pierce's first part of his plan worked good because the police had know idea where he was and Agar was on board inside the cargo car. Once inside the train Agar picked the locks to the safes which held the gold inside. While that was happening Pierce caught up to the train shortly after it took off and before it could reach full speed he jumped on the back of the train. From there he moved onto the roof and headed towards the cargo car which was near the front. It had taken him alot longer than he first expected because of the speed of the train. When he...