Group Motivation Inventory

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Group Motivation Inventory

Group motivation is an important part of organizational functioning. Somewhere in everybody's live people either are subjected to motivational techniques or implement them in their environment. Recently, I have been participating with a team on number of class projects and we were asked to fill out a survey related to motivation. Results of Group Motivation Inventory exercise provided a very insightful input regarding me individually and working within the group. This paper will attempt to reveal my observations regarding what I learned about myself, how this knowledge will affect the way I interact in groups, what I will do differently in future groups as a result of this exercise, and what I will do to be more motivated. It will also try to describe what incentives would help me be more motivated when working in a group and what consideration would I have to make incentives for when group members' motivations are different

Describe what you learned about yourself in this exercise.

Group Motivation Inventory exercise presented number of questions related to motivation of a group which I am currently a member of and my motivation within the group. After completion of this assignment I have realized that my motivation and commitment to the group is similar to the rest of the members. My strong points include attendance to all group meetings and willing to do whatever this group needs in order to achieve our goal. I discovered that I am highly committed to the success of our learning team and I am willing to do all that is required from me to take part in project completion. I learned that being responsible is one of my strengths. The idea of me not being able to equally contribute to the work of the group or failure to...