Gun Violence

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Danielle Fischer


Period 7 AP Bartole

Main Idea Question #8

"Enough" by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly

The issue of gun ownership and gun violence is highly controversial and has become highly controversial since the recent multiple massacres/shootings in schools and theatres. Controversy ensues between individual beliefs of who can own guns and how to control gun violence. The recent massacres/shootings bring into stark, shocking reality that gun ownership isn't as controlled as it should, leading to gun violence. As quoted from Steve Mostyn, a Texas trial lawyer, "Lemme tell you…I own thirty-five guns. You know I like to shoot. Last week I went to a local gun store near my house and bought three thousand rounds of ammunition…The same month…he sold an old rusted Jet Ski trailer for $200. The buyer showed up, hooked the trailer to his truck, and drove away. A few days later, the man asked Mostyn to meet him at the local DMV so they could fill out some paperwork necessary to transfer ownership of the trailer."

Steve continues, "So I had to go downtown and take the time to fill out a bunch of forms about an old trailer…You know how much paperwork I had to do to buy three thousand rounds of ammo? Nothing. (pg 25)" Steve, who supports tighter background checks when buying guns and ammunition, brings to light the reality that guns are being sold with a seemingly careless attitude. One side of the issue believes that gun violence is to blame on video games, the media, and weak federal gun prosecutions. The other side of the issue believes that gun violence is to blame on weak/no background checks when buying guns. These background checks include checks of serious previous and/or current mental health issues. The NRA (National Rifle...