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What a person needs to be happy Everyone wants to be happy. Even though it seems that we all understand the meaning of this statement, and we undertake any necessary challenges to achieve happiness, we're still not satisfied. We still don't consider ourselves happy. What can we do to be happy ? In which direction should we go to satisfy our ambitions and dreams? There is no right answer to those questions, definitely not one for everybody. However, we can say that there is a number of factors influencing people's happiness, such as interpersonal relation, the need to make their lives active, and the need to have a safe place.

The first factor that we would like to discuss is interpersonal relation. It is hard to imagine being happy without having family or close friends. People that we meet influence the shape and quality of our lives. They share our joys and help us to solve problems.

Since it is people's nature to belong to society, they feel the need to have close relationships with other people.

Another factor is that people have the need to make their lives active and creative. Professions in which we are working must give us full satisfaction. They must fulfill our plans, ambitions, as well as dreams. We need to feel that our jobs are significant and bring profit to our community, and at the same time meet our needs.

Finally, the need to have a safe and warm place, a place called "home" also influences our happiness. It is a place where we can always come back, where somebody is waiting for us, or somebody can visit us. It is a place where we celebrate holidays, share problems, and teach each other about our traditions. Home is one of those...