Hard Decisions

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My favorite of the four stories that we read was "The Book of Sand." In this story, the narrator makes a decision to get rid of this "Book of Sand." He realized what the book was doing to him and how it was affecting him. He thought about burning it, then decided that a better decision would be to place it in the basement of a library where other books were placed, hoping that it would blend in and not be found. Fortunately, when he returned to find the book again it was gone. I think that it is best that the book disappeared because it was ruining his life. He no longer left the house or talked to anybody. That book took over his life. In my opinion, the fact that the book disappeared is good news for the man, but I pray for the next soul who does find it.

Of the other stories, I thought that "Boys and Girls" presented the hardest decision. First of all, the fact that she's a girl already made it a special case. She loved working with her dad on the farm, but her mother didn't like it. Her father raised foxes and skinned them for a living. And to feed the foxes, as well as the family, the father killed horses. The daughter recalled a time when the family had two horses for quite some time, yet both were going to be killed. She became very attached to the horses and even witnessed the death of one of them. However, when it came time for the other horse to be killed, she had to make a tough decision. The horse knew it was going to die and decided that it wasn't time, so it tried to...