The Hard Way of Ordering McDonalds

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Hi, my name is Yuanze Chan. I have two siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. I was, at that time, 12 years of age, while my sister and brother were 10 and 8 respectively. I lived in Hong Kong, and I moved to America two years ago. This is my trip to America.

When I was preparing to go to America, the only thing I was interested in was McDonalds. I asked my friends while I was in Hong Kong what it was like to live in America. Most of them did not know what it was like, but those who had been to it said there were only two good things about the whole place. I eagerly asked them what it was. They didn't need to discuss with each other, and they all answered, "The Green Giant Pea Man and McDonalds."

There weren't any McDonalds in Hong Kong at that time, and I was told by my friends that this "McDonalds" was very recognisable from almost anywhere, with the weird red clown.

I had no idea what that meant, but nevertheless, I was excited to find the red clown.

I arrived in America in a ship, and I kept looking eagerly out of the holes in the ship trying to see any red clowns floating around in the water. To my dismay, I found none. During the last few minutes of the trip, I finally saw my first sight of America. A giant green statue was sticking some torch in the air. The Green Giant Pea Man! I thought. I told my mother what I saw, but she just laughed at me and said that it was the Statue of Liberty. I didn't take her word for it until I saw a...