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In today’s society businesses rely a lot on their IT department to keep up with the high speed of commerce. Businesses use the systems created to conduct their work, whether it be serving customers, or keeping track of inventory. Without the proper systems companies would not be able to reach their goals. This paper will discuss the different parts of these systems and how they can help companies achieve their goals.

A very important part of using an information system is the input of data into it. There are several ways that this can be done which include: printed questionnaires, telephone surveys, bank checks, retail tags, and long documents. First, printed questionnaires come in many forms; however, optical data readers are going to be the best method to enter information from a questionnaire. If it is filled out by pen or pencil than it can be entered by Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).

You simply place the answers on the special OMR paper and fed through the reader to retrieve the data and store it to the computer. These devices use special software to convert the sounds into digital signals (Stair & Reynolds, 2006). Bank checks use Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) devices. This system uses special ink to put information on the bottom of checks that can be read by information systems and humans alike. Many retail stores use bar code tags that store data, such as price, that can be read by a bar code scanner. The scanner may be used to make sales and control the inventory. Finally, long documents can be scanned into a computer using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This is a type of optical data reader that can convert written or typed characters into digital data (Stair & Reynolds, 2006).

The input of...