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Management Proposal ReportMany organizations are looking to enhance the ability to meet their customer's needs by introducing new software and hardware and upgraded technologies. Many of these decisions are made by key stakeholders and believe these technological changes are essential to maintain a viable advantage over the competition. Some people within the organization believe such an investment is unnecessary and expensive. Management has to present the need and proposed support, training and implementation of these changes and how they relate to the bottom line profitability.

Project PlanningThe initial stage of this project is to determine the company needs enabling them to provide for their customers. "Many companies have become wedded to the technology that has lead to their success. They miss the emerging technology that will supplant their market because it appear trivial to them or at least not nearly as sophisticated as their existing technology." (George, 2006). Taking this exact rationale into consideration, upgrade plans require close examination to determine the value to the company associated with cost.

Those affected by such upgrades should have the opportunity to have input to the project planning, with the technical team responsible for executing the upgrade, employees using the new programs, and customers whose services or performance levels that could be affected by the new upgrade. The planning team recommendation is to first start with executing customer questionnaires to help clarify what features customers want from the new program. After the questionnaire data has been analyzed determining what software upgrades will be proposed to link the customers most desired changes. During this process, the technology team should be conferred with to determine the possibility of any new programs with existing hardware, the anticipated downtime is expected and what contingency plans are needed during the project install. After the technology team has...