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Literary Concepts In this book the author uses the literary term, setting. You see this when he tells you that Hogwarts is surrounded by a lake and a deep forest. She also says that during the winter the lake freezes over and that the Quidditch field is very frosty and damp during the winter. She explains that Harry lives in a small cabinet with spiders all over the place. The time of year is around August until May because he says that they have Halloween and Easter so it is around those times. The author uses setting really well in this book.

Also in this book the author uses conflicts. The first conflict that he uses is between Harry and Dudley. Harry, for the first time, got to go to the zoo on Dudley's birthday. While in the reptile area Harry talks to a snake. While Dudley is looking at it the glass disappears and the snake nips at Dudley's heels.

Uncle Vernon of Course blamed Harry for this and he got in trouble. The next conflict is when Hagrid come to take Harry away. Uncle Vernon gets into an argument and Hagrid scares him into the next room. I was really surprised when Uncle Vernon stood up for Harry and wanted to protect him. Finally Vernon gives up and Harry leaves with Hagrid.

Next, the many conflicts that Malfoy and Ron get into the first one was on the train and that ends with Scabbers, Ron's pet rat, bites on of Malfoy's goons. The next one between them was when they snuck out into the hall and had a duel, which Malfoy didn't show up and told that he was going to be out at night. That led to Ron getting angry and almost punching Malfoy out. My favorite...