How has American security in the airports changed since 9/11? (ARMED WITH ONLY A NEUTRAL LIPSTICK-article used)

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Armed with Only a Neutral Lipstick

Many things have changed since September 11th. People have lost jobs, died, lost close friends, family and relatives. Numerous numbers of people have also been accused of many things because of their nationality. "Armed with Only a Neutral Lipstick", by Anna Quindlen, gives the reader a clear description about a too-common situation in airports. As Anna Quindlen was going through the check areas, she had conflicts with the security.

In this article, Anna Quindlen, was searched at two airports because she was suspected of having something dangerous just because the metal detector went off. There have been many similar situations just like the one Anna Quindlen had to go through. People are being searched at airports for no apparent reason. Having so much security does not hurt; it shows effort, and the fact that the government is worried about the safety of the people that live in the United States. However, it does not feel secure when you get searched for no reason. Even though the United States cannot have something like September 11 happen again, the United States government has to find another way to protect the people that live here, than by searching people that they believe have something based on age, nationality, and how a person looks.

The article also mentions a congressman who also got pulled from the line by security because the metal detectors went off. The congressman was not a terrorist and he did not have dangerous equipment. All he had was a Medal of Honor in his pocket and an artificial hip. That's all that it took to set off the metal detector, which eventually led to the dropping of his pants because the security needed to check if he was armed.

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