How has your social issues class influenced your view of the future?

Essay by trojanbebe November 2005

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"So have you decided what your major is yet?" asked the counselor as I was sitting in front of her, trying to schedule my classes for next semester. I was not sure how to reply to such a significant question that will direct my life to its development. I thought about all the past experiences in different fields, all the past classes, especially the ones I took the first semester in college. One of the classes that inspired me the most, and in which I have found myself to be really involved in is my Social Issues in Gender Class. I learned about transexuality, our society and its difficulties to accept the "abnormal"; I learned about relationships and how going "Against Love"(Laura Kipnis) is the easiest, painless way to live life. I found myself contradicting with many psychologists, however, I discovered myself and my view on such critical issues.

I discovered a different way of thinking I never thought I possessed; the way that made me become more open minded towards issues that involve society, and not judge anyone without knowing anything about them. "Psychology...yeah I would like to major in psychology please," I replied, convinced and ready to incorporate all the lessons I learned from the different readings in my future career, advising and consulting people, and opening a new opportunity for them to learn what I did in my class, for it is important for society to discover itself and realize who else is out there but themselves. It is important for people to study relationships in a deeper level than glancing at the superficial part of it; it is crucial for them to understand how a relationship works, rather than giving up easily on it and moving to the next one. That is not the...