Hate and causes of it

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Hate, as defined in Webster's Dictionary, a hostile aversion compounded with anger and fear or strong dislike. Many people hate and many people love. Although, in this world it seems many more hate than love. Hate is a negative response to a situation, decision, and even people. Many hate to suppress their inadequacies and help themselves feel better. Many people are brought up in homes where racism was "normal" and passed down generation to generation as if were an heirloom. An independent thinker knows how to make my own decisions. That does not mean they will not take your thoughts or feelings into consideration. The people who fall victim to hate influence each other the most; Do they deserve this? Are all peopling the same? You cannot generalize or condemn a race, culture, or group because of a few bad examples. Parents usually share the same view and treat everybody the same, having many friends outside of your racial group helps to socialize.

They find common bonds as humans and not as a different color. Many of the minorities just laugh at issues of race or ignore the belligerence. Most of us get along with everyone that is open to humanity. One must only worry about their actions when something negative takes place, but sometimes you think about the good you have done and analyze it. Many people are misinformed or uneducated. If somehow we can teach the people that we are an entire human race and our colors are not a means of negative feedback, I believe we can all live harmoniously.