Haunted by Memories.

Essay by xmunpietru October 2003

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The mere mention of that name sends a cold shiver up my spine. I still remember that tragic night as if it were yesterday, and to think that I had been so eager to embark on the mighty Titanic. At the time, she was the biggest and most luxurious ship to set sail and this was going to be her maiden voyage. The tickets were really expensive, but my family was lucky, because we had won three first-class tickets for a cruise on board the Titanic in a lottery. However, our luck and that of many other people was soon about to run out.

It all started when the ship was inaugurated, after she had been lowered into the sea from her dock. My family and I were glued to the television screen, watching the big crowd that had gathered for this occasion. Once the band had stopped playing, it was time for the captain to christen the ship with the usual smashing of the champagne bottle against the ship's hull.

However, to everybody's shock and dismay, the bottle remained intact. My mum kept repeating that this was a bad omen, and nothing good would come of this, but since I never considered myself as being superstitious, I didn't give the thought much heed.

Finally the much-awaited day arrived and after we had spent the best part of the day before packing, my family and I were ready to go. When we arrived at the harbour, although I had seen the ship numerous times on the television, I was not prepared for the sight that came into view when the taxi turned round the corner. From down there the ship looked so massive, I was left breathless - it took me a while to take in her majestic beauty. However,