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Angelica Guzman


WRT 95- 08

Anti- Intellectualism: Why We Hate Smart Kids

Do you consider yourself a "nerd"? In his essay, Grant Penrod, discussed why individuals hate the so-called "nerds", not only in class but in society as well. He fostered examples supporting his point of view of why he believed intellectualism, intelligence and perseverance in our generation is not something individuals strive to be known as. Penrod also addressed how in today's society we tend to glorify the non-intellectuals, (athletes and celebrities) rather than the academic intellectuals who also deserve the glory light.

As Penrod exemplified an Arizona high school that celebrated for winning the Arizona State Football Championship, though little did the school know that they had also won three academic championships. This has become an unfortunate reality for most high schools. Such example provided proof to why academic intellectuals also deserve the glory light, as they too won succeeded compared Arizona's football team.

Penrod (year) stated, "Nearly all of the graduating seniors will remember the name and escapades of their star quarterback; nearly all of them will never realize that their class produced Arizona's first national champion in Lincoln- Douglass Debate" (p.1). All in all, most schools are recognized for winning football games, baseball games etc., and infrequently for winning debates. However, in my point of view, I believe students, peers, cliques or individuals themselves admire those "nerds", and "geeks". Being a "nerd" as well as an athlete throughout all my school years, I saw both perspectives, and none were ever more recognizable or anti-social than the other. Those so-called "nerds" and "geeks" were not "excluded from social activities because of their label" (Penrod, year), but are gladly invited as everybody else.

The perception in society to be a "nerd" is most commonly one not...