Health care crisis, this essay is for eng101, this is a cause and effect paper, it details the deline in our health care system

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Heath Care Crisis

Our Grandma's and Grandpa's were right. You get what you pay for. Quality versus quantity has always been the eternal monetary debate. The general rule of thumb for any business transaction is to invest one third and profit two thirds. This basic equation can be applied successfully to almost any business venture. But how can the health care industry benefit from these crude formulas?

Not long ago, at least a decade or so, healthcare workers were overworked and underpaid. Today the industry standard remains unchanged. Time and time again we overlook these silent heroes who assist us in our most dire hour. These angels treat our ailments and provide care and comfort for all involved. We dutifully repay such kindness by protesting our medical bills and voicing outrage over rising medical costs. We are the seekers of instant and cheap gratification.

However patient input is not all to blame. The per*so*na non gra*ta of the health care industry remains the insurance company. These HMO, PPO, managed care, we-call-the-shots-because-you-can't-do-it-without-us insurance company's are the main reason you pay a fortune for your hospital administered Aspirin. They increase costs, mandate what Physicians prescribe and practically force any qualified health care worker to head for the hills in search of higher pay and benefits.

As health care insured individuals we have a duty to concern ourselves with how our treatment is regulated. Although we are not at liberty to choose the lobbyist that lobby on our behalf, we can make our voices heard.

USA Today deemed "America's heath care industry is becoming a corrupt collaboration of insurance executives mingling with the pharmaceutical industry, producing inappropriate patient care." (USA Today, March 05, page 65) This quote likely stems from the rising number...