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On July 30th, 1863 a brilliant man was born. This man was Henry Ford . Ford was Born in Dearborn, Michigan. Later in his life he married Clara Bryant (Ford). Thus far, Ford Motor Company began.

By June 1903, Ford had already secured a small manufacturing plant in Detroit.

The first automobile, made by Ford, the Model A, had a top speed of 30 m.p.h. And sold For $850. By July, Ford was building 15 cars a day. In January of 1904, Ford had sold over 658 cars at a profit of $98,851. In the following 6 months, Ford sold 1700 cars.

Three giant resources, steel, oil, and transportation, started the beginning of Ford Motor Company. The first car was sold to Dr. E. Pfennig, of Chicago. He bought the car a Month after the Company's incorporation.

Eight years later, 1911, after an expensive, complicated court proceedings, Ford Motor Company won the battle which freed it, as well as all the whole, huge automobile industry's, from this threat to further development.

Ford surprised the world on January 5th, 1914, by announcing Ford Motor Company's minimum wage would be $5 a day As apposed to almost double the existing minimum rate (Italia,1993). By the end of 1913, Ford Motor Company was producing half of all the automobiles in the United States. In The 19 years the Model T automobile was being built, 15,007,003 cars were built and sold in the United States alone.

Ford Motor Company became firmly established as a giant industrial complex that spanned the globe. During years of heavy expansion, the Company moved to a bigger plant in Highland Park, Michigan, in 1910. In 1911, the first branch assembly Plant was built in Kansas City, Missouri. New plants were built in 1913 in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Long Island, and...