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In 1857, Milton Hershey was born in Derry Church, Pennsylvania to the parents of Henry and Fanny Hershey. Milton started school at the age of seven in a little one-room schoolhouse in his village of Derry Church, two miles from home. Elias Hershey, his young uncle was his schoolmaster. He had trouble maintaining order. Milton learned a little reading, writing and arithmetic at the first school he attended. During his childhood years, he spent much time moving. It did not make him happy. With each move, he had to attend a different school and couldn't seem to do well in any of them. When Milton was eleven, a tragic event occurred. His little sister, only five years old died of scarlet fever. His parents then centered their hope on Milton, their only child.

Milton's father wanted him to get a good education. He struggled in school and wasn't a good student.

His Dad had a hard time accepting his difficulty with school, but Mrs. Hershey was more understanding. Milton did so poorly in his last school that he was asked to leave. His Mom and Aunt Mattie agreed that he should learn a trade.

Milton stopped school then and apprenticed with Sam Ernst, the printer. Between setting type and tending the printing press, he did chores on the Ernst farm. Sam Ernst was very short-tempered. One day Milton stumbled and upset a tray full of type, the printer shouted at him, "Blockhead Clumsy Oaf!" A few days later Milton accidentally dropped his tattered straw hat on the rollers of the press and Sam Ernst fired him. When Milton came home, his father was furious with Sam Ernst, but Milton's Aunt Mattie said, "I've heard that Royer's wants a boy to learn the confectionery business. Let Milton try that." Milton was...