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List at least 8 slang words found in the text.

Dunnies- Toilets

Spewin- Not happy

Yabberin- Talking a lot

Dorky- Not Cool

Dumpers- Big waves that dump you under

Bummer- Disapointing

Dude- Guy

Der- How stupid are you?

Dunno- Don't know

Describe Sam and Belinda's family

Sam's family consists of Sam, his Mum and his sister Leanne. He has no father figure as his Dad left them. Sam's family has little money to spend even though they all get jobs in the end. Leanne is a typical 15 year old only interested in guys and fashion. Leanne works at Belinda's family's hot bread shop with her Mum. Leanne seems to change moods very quickly. Sam's mum seems not to want him and Leanne to grow up and be independent.

Belinda's family is well off. Her Mum and Dad own the hot bread shop where Sam's Mum and Leanne work.

Belinda's family consists of Belinda, her mum and dad and her sister Cassie. Belinda describes her family as her mum- the boss, dad- easy to charm, Cassie- Annoying. Cassie is two years younger and is in grade 5 in Primary school. Belinda's example of how to charm her dad is to con him into buying her contacts. Belinda looks like her dad with his hair and face while Cassie looks like her Mum with her hair and face. In Belinda's opinion her Mum favours Cassie.

Why are looks important to Sam and Belinda and is it the right way to think?

Looks are important to Sam and Belinda but it's not the way to think in my opinion. Individuality is far more important the fitting in with the right people. The reason I think that they want to fit in is because the want...