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A sexual behavior involving attraction towards individuals having the same sex is called Homosexuality. People have been wondering whether a homosexual couple should come out and tell all that they are homosexual. (Sullivan, 05) This is a great debate of present society over homosexual marriage, adoption by homosexual couples and the fight for homosexual partners to be treated the same as heterosexual partners in society's eyes. Homosexuality is not a disease even though it is treated as such. Homosexuality has been condemned in modern day society but was widely tolerated by the Greeks and Romans.

When looking back at the history of the Greeks, Spartans and Romans , it is revealed that they were great fighters; one reason for this is because most soldiers were homosexual and their fellow soldiers were their lovers and they would do anything to save their lovers life. Homosexuality was actually encouraged by the ancient Greece which was written about in the heroic relationship between Achilles and Patroclus in the Iliad by Homer.

It was thought that homosexuality would boost morale as well as bravery amongst the soldiers. The Greeks even practiced pederasty as a way of population control, education and crime reduction. It was also encouraged within the military to boost troop morale, bravery and overall fighting. Pederasty is a sexual relationship between an adolescent boy and an adult male who is not a family member. This could be referred to today as pedophilia. Some of the greatest men in history were homosexual or had homosexual tendencies such as (President) Abraham Lincoln, (artist, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, architect, writer) Leonardo da Vinci, (Greek King) Alexander the Great, (Roman Leader) Julius Caesar to name a few. According to the church and modern day society, homosexuality is wrong, Most of the religions believe that...