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Introduction According to the different acts of violence, which are present in each of the football tournaments, like during the last world cup with the injuring of one policeman for example, it is clear that the phenomenon of hooliganism is still present in our "civilized" society and it is still extremely violent and scary.

Nevertheless, even if the phenomenon is known by the major part of the population, it remains difficult to define. Indeed, the stereotype of the hooligan is far away from the reality and the phenomenon is deeper than it seems.

In order to be able to understand the hooliganism movement, the first part will quickly put the emphasis on the definition of the hooliganism, and then an analysis of the different explications of this problem will be done, to finally deal with the different option available to stop this movement.

Part one: Fundament of the Hooliganism and definition: 1/ What is hooliganism? If we use the definition done by the Oxford dictionary, a hooligan is "a disorderly and noisy young person who often behaves in a violent and destructive way"¦" This definition allows to visualise the problem, but it does not take the factor of "group", which is important on the hooliganism phenomenon.

Indeed, the hooligans are organised in "gangs" or "groups", with leaders and followers. Moreover, these groups are known by all the supporters and easily identified according to their specific colour and distinctive mark, like the real football club.

Thanks to the development of the system of communication, the group of hooligans are increasingly organised, the most important group have their own web site and community on Internet where they can communicate and enlist new supporters in order to be more powerful.

2/ When did this movement begin? The violence between the football supporters has...