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As a HR manager, what are some of the functions & activities you are expected to be involved in? (20 mks.) Before explaining the functions and activities of a human resource manager it must be made clear what the human resource of a business is. A company's human resource is all of its workers whether they are upper level, middle level or lower level workers. The term " Human Resource Management"� was known as "Personnel Management"� but in recent times employees are considered as "˜resources' and no longer as just personnel.

A human resource manager is highly involved in all aspects which deal with workers as a resource and these aspects could be placed under five main headings; planning, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal and compensation.

The planning aspect of human resource management comprises of two major parts. The first part is being able to forecast the human resource demand.

A firm, in order to do this, must base the demand on the firm's strategic plans which involves the undertaking of new ventures which may include finding new markets, increasing its product base and formulating new trends. The second part deals with the forecasting of human resources supply. In doing this, the firm must consider its current workforce and the changes that it may experience within the foreseeable future. A company, in order to gather the information, may conduct, what is known as, a human resource audit. This is basically an inventory of workers, their degree of training, skills and age. Also, within the data gathered, it contains reasons why workers leave and factors associated with this behavior.

Once the data is processed, the firm will know when to hire, how many to hire and what skills would be required.

When staffing the firm, the manager must first...