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Hurricane The Hurricane illustrates how hatred and jealousy can put a man in prison for a crime that he did not commit. Rubin Carter was an up coming boxer, who was not like by detective Callahan for a past situation that took place. Rubin Carter was starting to make a name for him and detective Callahan was jealous. On June 17, 1966, two black men had walked into a bar and murdered three people in New Jersey. Rubin and John were not those two people. However, they were convicted of the murder.

However, on September 17, Rubin and John were pulled over by Callahan, for the reason that Callahan wanted to frame Rubin for the shooting. Callahan was a racist person; he never did like Rubin and wanted to lock him up because he was black. It was blunt that Callahan was prejudice since he was very eager to put Rubin behind bars, so he had brought Rubin to the hospital where the witness was located, Callahan had ask if Rubin was the person that committed the murder.

The witness was in no condition to answer, but he replied with a vague no. Callahan would not take no for an answer. Callahan was determined to frame Rubin for the murder.

When Rubin and John were on trial, Rubin wanted Lee Bailey to represent him, the famed defense lawyer was embroiled in a case already. Rubin was stuck with Raymond Brown from Newark. Brown was known for being the only black lawyer in the state to take in whites. Brown was a good lawyer but in a bad situation as he was defending two blacks for killing three people. The trial was finally over and it was time for Rubin to go to jail. While Rubin was in jail, he neglected...