How the imaginative journey is depicted in the painting "Sacred Journey" by Susan Hickman

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What is the imaginative journey represented in the text and how do language forms, features and structures shape meaning and influence response?

This painting takes the responder on an imaginary journey into a world where the dominant force is nature. The abstract painting is a reversal of the everyday world whereby humans are not the superior beings of normal. This is seen by the way in which humans are portrayed as tiny creatures compared to the sun, the trees and the bird.

The strong use of bright colours is symbolic of the peace and happiness in a world not subject to the constant torture of humanities endeavours. The overwhelming size of the sun symbolises its true authority over the world and that it is the cause of life for human, plant and animal alike. The sun's eyes also stare out at the responder as if a timely reminder of its superiority to them.

The bird, sun, tree, mother nature and the physical surroundings melt together in an infusion of colourful lines. This is symbolic of the tight link between animal and nature. This is as an allusion to humanities poor treatment of nature while plants and animals interact amoungst one another harmoniously.

Mother nature is depicted on the right side of the painting, which is shown through the leaves growing from her head. She is reaching out her hand to seize the fleeing humans. They are retreating as if in guilt of the destruction they know they have caused to the world. The humans fleeing up the mountain to the sun for saviour is symbolic of humanities arrogance and complacency in thinking that the life force of the world they have neglected so harshly will save them.