Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform

The definition of immigrant is one who migrates from one country to another usually for permanent residence. Immigration, after all, is the soil in which American has grown its roots. In 1600 a new and mysterious land was discovered and to live on this new land was the old "Space Race." Especially the British hopped on boats and headed for the new American colonies for they held untold treasures. Usually when immigration is brought up, people generally tend to think of the border between Mexico and the US. Yes Mexico right now is the current most troubling immigration problem, however everyone always misses the original immigrants; they were also more popularly known as pilgrims. From this point on there has always been immigration from one land to another, the Jews during World War 2, the Irish during their potato famine; and a different form of immigration was transporting slaves in to the Americans for usage.

It may not seem like the transporting of slaves to the Americas was immigration, however the definition of immigration was moving from one location to another for permanent residence. So anyone who ever came to America is an immigrant. They hoped for the better and for some they actually received a better life. However, with more immigrants entering the US rather than leaving it, there has always been this flux of unemployment for our promising "melting pot." This recent activity of immigrants is stretching many border counties to their limits in terms of resources. Although immigrant workers properly supply the job market with unqualified labor, the increase of federal border patrol is in need of increase to control the growing number of immigrant labor. With the increased number of workers available in the American market, it will cause an increase in...