The Importance of Professional Work Attire Human Relations & Development

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The Importance of Professional Work Attire

A recent article in U.S.A. Today, spoke about candidates for jobs showing up in jeans, purple sweat suits, and sneakers. Other applicants showed tattoos and bright colored hair. Still others chewed tobacco or showed up in wrinkled clothes or with their pants falling down. One interviewer even told a candidate with his trousers down below his hips, to "Pull your pants up." According to the article, the bizarre dress cost some candidates the job. Rules of personal marketing should include presenting self-assurance; establishing an authoritative aura; using the art and science of impression management; developing a rich consciousness and "dressing for success". Selecting proficient attire today is not as simple as the "dress for success" formula of the eighties. The motive of this paper addresses both formal and casual business clothing. In an enjoyable, effective format, individuals will attempt to learn what is professional attire; traditional business attire; dominant and sensible color choices; grooming and more.

According to Krappels and Arnold, "your external image plays an important role in communicating messages to others. A current analysis confirms what has been known for a long time: A favorable personal appearance enhances a person's ability to persuade others, whether you are dealing with an individual receiver or an audience. (Frieze, Olson, Russell) Job seekers show recognition of the personal appearance aspect of nonverbal communication when they carefully groom for a job interview. People pay more respect and grant more privileges to those they perceive as being well dressed and neatly groomed. Some research indicates that a favorable personal appearance leads to high starting salaries and later salary increases." (Krappels, Arnold)

While researching the internet in regards to this paper I found this interesting commentary on the "How to Dress with Success website. They stated that,