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When a person writes a paper, he/she should take into consideration the audience. Who will be reading the essay? And write the essay accordingly. Next, the writer should consider the subject. Write on something that is of interest to you and your audience. Try not to write on overused subjects (i.e. Abortion). Finally, consider the purose. In writing there are four purposes: to inform, to pursuade, to entertain, or to express yourself. Before a writer begins writing, they should have a thesis in mind. This is the overall idea that the writer is trying to bring out to the reader. It should be limited, focused, precise, and may or may not be stated explicitely. The thesis should be the focus of the entire essay, and the topic sentences in the paragraphs should back up the thesis statement in the writing.

Remember in writing to use more than one of the five senses to write(taste, touch, sound, sight, smell).

The writer doesn't always use the same sensory detail. For example, "I see this," or "I see that". What do you hear or smell? Maybe describe the textures and emotions that the story entails. The writing should be lively, use appropriate language, and have logical order. Use specific names, numbers, examples, and even quotes.

Remember the paper should have unity, coherence, and completeness. The introduction prepares the reader for the body paragraph and should catch the reader's attention. The body supports the thesis state that is almost always included in the introduction. The conclusion should remind readers of the main points and discuss significance. Also, the writer should use appropriate transitions to shift from one idea to another smoothly; this helps bring unity to the paper.

I hope this helps someone improve his/her writing. Writing is an art that should...