Increasing Managerial Face Time with Employees: Feasibility Report

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Increasing Managerial Face Time with Employees

Feasibility Report

Background & Introduction

SSMCD Enterprises is a mid-size firm with approximately one thousand employees, generating close to five million USD in revenue annually. At SSMCD, it is important that employees feel valued and appreciated; however, the HR department was recently made aware of a staggering number of employee complaints regarding the perceived lack of face-time and communication they receive from management. HR representatives from the five major divisions within the company-Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and IT-collaborated to address these concerns, and will present their proposal to the management team.

The HR team first determined what the goal was for this proposal: increase the amount of time members of the leadership team spend with their employees. Front-line team members feel like they never see the managers interacting with their subordinates. As a result, employees feel a lack of connection and loyalty to the company.

After establishing an objective, the team set criteria against which any proposed solutions could be evaluated. These criteria ensure that any final solution meets the standards set by HR. Next, the HR representatives brainstormed several solutions, which were then evaluated against the criteria created in the previous step. After a detailed evaluation, the HR team determined which solutions best addressed the problem presented to them-the lack of communication between management and employees-and created a final proposal that is aimed at resolving it.


In order for the employees of SSMCD Enterprises to feel comfortable in the work environment, management needs to make some changes to increase the amount of time they are spending with their respective teams. Any solution decided upon, first and foremost, needs to meet that criterion: Will the solution make managers more available to employees? It is also essential that the results of all solutions...