Indiana Jones: Hero Extraordinaire

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He is not only a smart and attractive college professor, but also a brave, clever, and heroic archeologist with a darn' good shot, as well. In all three of his movies, he is faced with difficult and trying tasks that only he could possibly pull through. His heroism affects practically the whole world as he battles Nazis and corruption. Indiana Jones is a symbol for good triumphing over evil.

At home, Indiana is known as Professor Jones; he teaches archeology at a college, and practically the whole class is of female students who overwhelm the handsome teacher with questions that they supposedly cannot figure out. This may seem heroic in itself, but it doesn't even compare with the tasks Indy faces in his spare time.

Arduous tasks are as common as raindrops for Mr. Jones. An army of Nazis, pits of fire, and tanks are only some of the obstacles that he must overcome in order to complete his journey.

Indiana's bravery would put even Sir Galahad to shame. He will fight to the death if necessary, just like the Knights of the Round Table. It's hard to imagine why he might need some persuading before agreeing to go on one of these adventures! No matter how difficult the task, Indiana always saves his companions along with himself (except at the end of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", when he drops his girlfriend into a bottomless pit, but he tried to save her!). At times all seems lost, but Indy always pulls through.

Throughout his life, Indiana has somewhat discreetly saved the world and got the girl. Apart from rescuing 500-year-old artifacts from evil men, he has recovered the remains of the Ten Commandments, returned a magical stone to a village along with its children that had been forced to do slave labor, and found the Holy Grail. Professor Jones's quests are similar to those of knights a thousand years ago! Indiana Jones may seem too good to be true, but don't be deceived; his fear of snakes and passion for women will set him back in an instant! In every movie he finds a new love along with a pit full of poisonous snakes, but in the end only the women go undefeated.

After all of his adventures, Indiana gets the treasure, immortal life, and the trip to Disneyland. The hero of heroes is Indiana Jones.

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