Infant Clothing - Trends for 2003.

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Infant Clothing

Colors play an important role in spring and summer of 2003 in the infantapparel. This season, leading designers recognized the need for simple yet elegant and colorful baby clothes and created collections that are comfortable and complements the baby. The clothes are unique, soft and in eye-catching colors with fun embellishments and themes.

Spring of 2003 features elegant and pastel colors with a variety of fantasy dresses, capri sets, and floral prints for girls. Most of the colors for girls' clothing this season were vibrant. Pink and its many variations, such as raspberry, fuchsia, and rose, as well as orange and all shades of lavender dominated girls clothing. For boys designers have presented bright t-shirts with large-scale silkscreen photos of dinosaurs or vintage cars in navy blue colors, hunter green and orange, in addition to gray.

In keeping with the "Rose Garden" or "Spring Swing" theme for Spring 2003, Honey Pot Inc.

created cotton separates in floral prints, short sets featuring funky flower designs in pink and yellow as well as denim. For the boys, the collection is represented with the themes such as "funky denim" and "Under the Sea", where denim is dressed up with embroidery, beading or decorative patches and cotton separates which feature water animal appliqués.

Baby Graziella offers luxury line of unique designs in cashmere and mercerized cotton to silk clothing for infants and toddlers, including sweaters, booties, hats and dresses, which, combined, create the ultimate layette. Palette pink knit dresses with coordinating sweaters, comfy garments with clean lines or embroidered knit separates that create a dream for the babies to be dressed in these fantasy clothes.

Vitamins Baby offers royal pink separates with velvet embroidery tops and floral print pants. In addition to the creative looking sleepwear, the ultra soft...