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Report on Information Architecture based on the text: Rosenfeld, L & Morville, P. (1997). Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. California: O'Reilly.

se the Web integrates so many technologies and content types into a single interface, it challenges designers of the web sites and intranets greatly.The book states that truly successful web sites, es ... plines. Besides information architects, great sites also require the skills of programmers, graphic designers, technical specialists, marketers, copywriters, project managers, and others. The book con ...

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On Art of Movie Posters Content: comparison of two movie posters Thesis: Identity of motives and diversity of expressive techniques make up the art of movie posters.

purpose was to popularize the movie and thus make more profits. To make a successful movie poster, designers have to really give much thought to it. The two posters here, one for the movie "You've Go ...

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History of Home Video Games - From Pong to Playstation. 1,833 words. Includes an abstract. Very detailed.

buying the last one. The high price of the consoles and games is nothing new. It is almost like the designers are always trying to get you to dig deeper into your wallet to own the most current video ...

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Title: Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games. This essay describes the breakthroughs that may occur in the field of Artificial Intelligence through the study of computer video games.

ammers of algorithms and applications to be used internally and externally by their company, and as designers of computer and video games. As technology and computers have come into the forefront in t ... alistic modeling of human characters. Moreover, as researchers, we can get a step ahead of the game designers by using their environments for research on human-level AI." (15-16)With these reasons, it ...

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Infant Clothing - Trends for 2003.

lors play an important role in spring and summer of 2003 in the infantapparel. This season, leading designers recognized the need for simple yet elegant and colorful baby clothes and created collectio ... fuchsia, and rose, as well as orange and all shades of lavender dominated girls clothing. For boys designers have presented bright t-shirts with large-scale silkscreen photos of dinosaurs or vintage ...

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'Examine how expression of feelings, beliefs and ideas are portrayed through Gothic architecture in the 12-13 century particularly in northern France.'

but what did gothic architecture represent? Gothic architecture was a revolutionary style that its designers and architects strove for height, unique design and mathematical harmony which represented ...

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Textile Design:Salvatore Ferragamo and Vivienne Westwood their influence on the shoe

the foot but it is now more of a fashion accessory. It has evolved and changed with the help of the designers. On analysing the work of the contemporary post-modernism designer Vivienne Westwood ( 194 ... of Westwood's designs from late 1980's to early 90's and Ferragamo's designs from 1935 - 1947. Both designers have made eccentric and notable impacts by the style , use of materials , shape and colour ...

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Torsional vibration in marine propulsion

from the scope of torsional vibration as well.1.0Torsional vibrationsNaval architects and propeller designers have often been faced with the problem of propeller and machinery, such as gear gearboxes, ...

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Architecture in France

Georges Pompidou (1971-1977) is a building that has challenged the limits of the imagination of its designers as well as the properties of the materials it is made of. The centre has a high profile th ... enerated some difficulties in planning for traffic and pedestrian circulation. In addition to that, designers faced the complexity of finding a relationship to link the varied activities into an integ ...

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The Geography of

mazon stocks. The geography of the screen is a world in miniature, totally under the control of the designers (Johnson 1997). The design and usability of web sites is an area of increasing concern giv ...

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The Geography of

mazon stocks. The geography of the screen is a world in miniature, totally under the control of the designers (Johnson 1997). The design and usability of web sites is an area of increasing concern giv ...

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Object-oriented Modeling

ables one to model a system without mentioning any specific implementation. A good model allows the designers the ability to concentrate on what the system should be rather than being bothered by init ... being bothered by initial implementation details. Models are a way good to communicate between the designers and client without deep computer science backgrounds. Models may also serve as a road map ...

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The effects of SOcial Responsibility and ethics in a Business

yees are forbidding buyers from accepting gifts from suppliers, also things like safeguards against designers selling out company secrets. Most of all general honesty, if we are not doing the right th ...

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An Ideal Home Topic: Creative Writing

Nowadays, house owners and designers emphasize immensely on greenery and capaciousness. Plants adorn the area and embellish the ...

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and have rights to the software it self. On the other words we can say that nowadays they (author, designers, artist or company) need protection to avoid from being copying the original artwork, in t ...

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IKEA as an example of entrepreneurial business

eader. In order to reach this assumption, he created his own style in furniture with help of twenty designers employed to provide unique furniture pattern. His entrepreneurial nature and self-reliance ...

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Taiwan Semi Conductor Company (TSMC)

design services. For dealing with the competitors in the market, TSMC can arrange connections with designers to help put together a chip design that meets the customer's needs and fits with TSMC prod ... TSMC's Design Services Alliance program, the foundry said. The IC Validation Alliance will provide designers with silicon debug and repair services. Through Saber, TSMC customers will be able to acce ...

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IT Project Management

AbstractStakeholders can include managers, designers and users of a system. Stakeholders can have an impact on or impacted by a project. They c ... re of a system" (Nuseibeh and Easterbrook, 2000). For a software system, this can include managers, designers, and users of a system. Since, by definition, stakeholders are those who are impacted by ( ...

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Discuss the cultural development of Weimar Germany

ing, resulting with an ugly structure. They mainly consist of the colors black, white, or gray. The designers of Bauhaus had the ideology of creating functional items that were both useful and beautif ... onal items that were both useful and beautiful. They wanted to combine beauty with efficiency. Many designers left for USA after the rise of the Nazi's, they had brought this style across the world. F ...

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Types and Defences of Computer Crime

ation technology has spawned a whole new field of crime and generated a series of problems for both designers and users of information systems. One of the problems is the crime from misusing of inform ...

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