Institutionalized Racism: The Negro Leagues

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OUTLINE 1. Introduction a. Hook: Over the decades, black teams played 445-recorded games against white tams, winning sixty-one percent of them.

b. Historical Information i. General background about the League c. Thesis: Fences, and Jackie Robinson: The Biography, raises consciousness about the baseball players that have been overlooked, and the struggle they endured simply because of their color.

2. History of the Negro Leagues as portrayed in Jackie Robinson: The Biography a. What was the Negro League? b. Why was it separate? c. Who founded the League? d. When was the League founded? e. Major teams in the league? f. How were the Negro League teams treated differently? i. Less funding 1. Creation on shadow ball ii. Played in less ornate ball parks iii. Made less money 3. Physical and Mental Abuse of African American Players as illustrated by Jackie Robinson: The Biography a. Off the field i. Violence in the African American community ii.

Daily struggles that had to be endured 1. Financial hardships b. Struggles with the public On the road i. Social Life of African American baseball players c. Game time i. Opposing teams and players and the Abuse they dispersed ii. Umpires and the Abuse they distributed 4. Life in the Negro Leagues as portrayed by the story, Fences a. Stylistic techniques used by August Wilson to show the struggle of African American players.

i. Symbolism at the end ii. Images of how they lived iii. Context of the text that displayed details about their life 5. Contributions of Negro Leagues as portrayed in Jackie Robinson: The Biography a. Moral support to African Americans in the communities and around the U.S.

i. Role Models for the African American youth of America ii. Sense of Pride for the African Americans of America iii. Opportunity for African Americans...