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Everyday people get on their computers and sign on-line to a world full of opportunities. The last thing someone wants is to type in a web site, searching for some information on fitness, and a pornographic web site pop up. "If there ever was an invention that promised instant access to all kinds of deviant behavior, it was the internet." (Kirtley 1) Internet pornography should be banned from cyber space or there should be a lot more restrictions. " The real issues is not the internet, but what the internet represents: free and open access to ideas, images, and other forms of expression without the traditional political, religious, and cultural boundaries."(Kirtley 1) People use the Internet to enjoy their leisure time and they should not be bombarded with derogatory pornographic material. Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to use the Internet because of the instances of child pornography, the controls that are currently in place are not working and parents are not monitoring Internet use.

Internet pornography is nothing but filth and it should be taken out of cyber space.

Even though Internet pornography has filled the minds of children with terrible thoughts, there is still some enjoyment that people get out of surfing pornographic web sites. Internet pornography has become one of the largest businesses in the world for mature audiences.(Gutfeld 1) Pornography is continuing to grow on the Internet because of the exceptional money that it has made. If the Internet could be judged logically, it would be considered sex education because people these days engage in sexual intercourse all the time. If people could stop and think what the first amendment states then they would understand why pornography should be allowed on the Internet. The first amendment allows freedom of speech, religion, assembly,