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Sylvester Ali WhiteChapman UniversityThe Internet: O! What a ChangeThe Internet changes everything! Can you imagine what life was like before the invention of the internet? As an avid user of the internet, it seems as if the world cannot function without it. But is the internet a good thing? On one hand, it has made many things more convenient; saving time; while on the other hand, individuals’ ability to interact with others, tend to suffer. Why meet face to face, when the whole world is right at your finger tips. The Internet has made many changes to our society that is worth exploring, but let us examine some of them.

One area that the internet has changed the way we do business is banking. Before the internet, we would have to wait for the bank statements to come in the mail, to balance our checkbooks. Not any longer! Most banks offer online banking.

Now you just log on and balance your account as you go. On those same lines, whenever you wanted to transfer money from one account to another, you would have to go inside the branch and write a check to move money into the account you wanted to use. Through this same online banking access, you are able to transfer the money; between multiple accounts, right from your home, office and even on the train.

Communication is another arena that has changed drastically. Many companies, church organizations, and other lay people are now conducting meeting in real-time, over the internet. Emails and chat rooms have now opened the door to people having “virtual” friends all over the country and never once meet face to face. There is no need now to go to the Post Office to send letters to your friends; the internet can take...