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Promises To Keep Promises so hard to keep and so painful to embrace, Why? An eternal question that echoes in my mind as I go dancing unbalanced within my time in life. Swinging form a dilemma to the other with a vague memory of her, that face that is fading within the content of tomorrow.

All I fear is the time when I wake one day without remembering how she looked like! A dreadful thought that chills my very soul as it pass in my mind.

Yet, I refuse to let go, to give in to the misfortunes of life and what might come. I will never let her go. Living or not, I do not care, as long my heart beats for her unchanging image.

Days come and go, tears stop and drop and my pain for her lost just keeps growing despite my attempts to carry on. I know that I am not being fair, but I cannot do anything about it.

The moment I close my eyes I find her. Right there where I would never forget, as long reveres flowed and the sun rose and set.

And as I sit here, seeing me aging and laughing at me, the fool who forever believed in true Love.

Saturday, June 09, 2001 Wanderer For Truth