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Jackdaws, by Ken Follet Follet was only twenty-seven when he wrote Eye of the Needle, he first book. The award-winning novel which became an international best-seller and a distinguished film. Before that he had been a reporter and a publishing executive after studying philosophy at University College, London.

He has since written several equally successful novels including, A Dangerous Fortune, plus the non-fiction best-seller On Wings of Eagles. Ken Follet lives with his family in Chelsea, London.Most of the book is spent describing the recruitment and training of this band of marauders, which is exciting just on its own. As D-Day draws near, the group encounters time and again the cruel and diabolical Dieter Werner, Nazi chief interrogator. The plot twists and turns at every event, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat.

'Jackdaws' is the code name given to a crew of brave and courageous women whose task it is to destroy a Nazi telephone centre in the last crucial days before D-Day.

Said to be based on a true story, the reader is immediately thrown into an ill-fated attempt to disrupt the strategic communications centre as the Allies gather across the English Channel for the Normandy invasion. Jackdaws encases themes of love, hate, violence, war, torture, destiny, courage and teamwork. It is fast paced and action packed but is still quite complex.

A crew of French Resistance fighters is defeated in their attempt to carry out the assignment, and the leader of the group, Felicity Clairet, known as "Flick," and her husband Michel are among the handful of survivors of the ill-fated mission. Michel is wounded in the attack, so Felicity must return alone to the MI6 headquarters in London and devise a new plan.

With time running short and the Nazis on...