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"When Jamie saw him throw the baby, saw Van throw the little baby, saw Van throw his little sister Nin, then they moved."

What Jamie Saw is a 1996 Newbery Honor Book written by Carolyn Coman. What Jamie Saw is a heart-wrenching story of a boy's struggle with abuse and depression. Set in New Hampshire, it follows a poor woman and her two children as they fight to start a new life after escaping an abusive situation.

The explosive beginning of the story starts a whirlwind of emotions and events. At the start of the story, an abusive boyfriend took out his anger on Patty's youngest child Nin. Because of his actions they moved out of his house, and with the help of her friend Earl, they found a tiny trailer. The story follows the feelings of Jamie through his fear of abandonment, physical sickness, and his effort to protect his mother and sister.

By the end of the tale, Jamie begins to realize that all he really need is his family and as long as they were together, he didn't have to be afraid. His emotions take you for a ride through his anger and honest words to describe his feelings and his fear of abuse and abandonment.

The plot development of What Jamie Saw ignites in a heart-wrenching look at child abuse starting with the first sentence. " When Jamie saw him throw the baby, when Jamie saw Van throw his baby sister Nin, then they moved." With one sentence Carolyn Coman explains the topic of the story and how it will unfold.

As the story progressed, Jamie had constant unpleasant thoughts about his mother's ex-boyfriend Van. "When he thought of Nin's crib, he pictured Van standing beside it, and he wanted his mother never to go...