Jason and the Argonauts, Latin Essay

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But King Aeetes, when he learned that Jason had finished the task he proposed, he was greatly moved, for he understood that it was done through a trick, nor did he doubt that Medea had helped him.

Medea moreover, when she learned that she herself would be in danger if she remained in the palace, was determined to seek a flight to safety. With all things prepared in the middle of the night, with her father not knowing, escaped with her brother, Absyrtus, and as soon as possible, she went to the place where the Argo had been docked.

When she came there, she threw herself at the feet of Jason and with many tears she beseeched him not to desert a woman in so great a crisis because she was the one who had helped him. He because he remember that he himself had escaped a great danger with her help, he welcomed her on his ship and after he came to discover her reason for coming, he urged her not to be afraid of her father's anger.

He promised also to carry her away in the ship as soon as possible.

On the following day, Jason with his companions at dawn launched the ship and having found the weather favorable he rowed to the place in a hurry, in which Medea had shown where the fleece has been hidden.

When they came to that place, Jason went forth; and his companions remained at the sea who would protest the ship, he brought himself in the woods with Medea. A few miles through the woods having progressed, to go forward because the fleece, which he was looking for, and he saw it hanging from the tree.

To carry it however, was of the greatest difficulty; for not only...