Jeremy And The Haunted House

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"Jeremy and the Haunted House" Bang! It sounded like a gunshot. Jeremy jumped out of bed and ran to the window. "Oh," he said, "its just a clap of thunder." Leaves of red, orange, and yellow were swirling in the air and along the ground. Rain began to pitter-patter against his window. Jeremy frowned as the rain began to fall faster. "Now," he said, "I won't be able to play in the leaves. It figures! My best friend, Mike, isn't home, and I don't have anything to do." "Breakfast," called Jeremy's mother, "come and get it while it's hot." Jeremy sighed and slowly walked down the hall and staircase of his new house. He, his mother and father, and his dog, Chester, had just moved in to the neighborhood two weeks ago. Jeremy slumped in his chair and pouted. "What's wrong?" asked his mother. Jeremy responded, "I don't have anything to do since it's raining.

I thought I'd rake leaves and play in them today since Mike had to go to visit his grandparents, but I won't be able to do that since they are all wet." "Don't worry," said his mother, "it is supposed to clear up my noon. Perhaps you could take Chester for a walk and investigate our new neighborhood." "Yeah, maybe," said Jeremy, "Chester needs to get some exercise and find some new fire hydrants." His mother laughed and said, "Just be careful and don't get into any trouble." "Trouble," he said, "what trouble could I get into?" His mother raised her eyebrows in response to that question.

Jeremy's mother had been right. By noon, the sun was out and drying up the wetness. Leash in hand, Jeremy and Chester set out to check out their new neighborhood. Not much was happening. In fact, it was pretty boring until Jeremy remembered the story about the haunted house that Mike had told him. According to Mike, old man Malcolmson lived and died in the house and, as a result, his spirit is alive in there and protects the house from intruders. "Hey Chester," said Jeremy, "let's go and check out that old haunted house in the woods. It's not too far from here." Chester barked as if to say ok, and the two headed for the haunted house.

Arriving at the edge of the woods, Jeremy spotted a debris-strewn driveway. "I bet this leads to the house," said Jeremy. By now, the sky began to cloud and the wind began to blow. Finally, after several minutes of walking, Jeremy spotted the house. "Look Chester," said Jeremy, "it's the house. What a mess!" As he grew closer, Jeremy could see boarded up and broken windows. In addition, the house was in need of a coat of paint, and vines had covered up most of the large front porch. "Let's get closer Chester," said Jeremy. Suddenly, there was a downpour of rain, and the two dashed for the porch. While standing undercover, Jeremy could hear various eerie sounds. "Gee," he said, "this house is creepy." At that moment, Chester, who was sitting at attention, bolted for the door. Much to Jeremy's surprise, the door flew open and Chester ran inside. "Come back Chester, come back!" Alone on the porch and with Chester inside, Jeremy did what any good dog owner would do "“ he entered the so-called haunted house to retrieve his much-loved pet. "Chester, Chester, where are you?" yelled Jeremy. The house was dark, empty and smelled musty. Jeremy followed Chester's barking. From a distance down the hall, Jeremy could see Chester snarling and hear him growling at someone or something. Turning the corner, Jeremy was in full view of Chester's threatening foe. There, before him, stood a hissing black hunchbacked enemy. Fortunately, it was just a large black cat! "Stop barking Chester, stop it," yelled Jeremy. Upon closer inspection, Jeremy found three black kittens nestled in the corner. "Aren't they cute Chester? Maybe mom will let us keep one," said Jeremy. Of course, being a dog, Chester could not answer. Instead he said to himself, "I would rather have a fire hydrant." "Wow Chester," said Jeremy, "look at the time! We had better get going before we get ourselves into more trouble. Besides, I've had enough of haunted houses for today."