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The concept of the words "ironic twist"� is when an author leads you to believe one thing throughout the story, then at the end the idea you had changed due to events the author used. It also, is ironic because it is usually the exact opposite of what you thought the story is about. Guy De Maupassant uses the concept of ironic twist in "The Necklace."� It happens with wife, who thinks that she should be upper class. In face she dreams of it her whole life. When the chance comes up to pretend for one night, she becomes selfish. She borrows a beautiful necklace from her friend, Mme. After the party she notices the necklace missing. Her husband and her take many loans, to pay for the very expensive necklace. She returns it without it being noticed. To work off all the loans her husband and her move into a smaller house, fire all their servants.

Basically, slip into poverty. After working so hard she realizes what she really had. The ironic twist comes in at the end of the story when the wife tells Mme about her losing her real necklace, then Mme responses saying that the necklace she borrowed was "paste only worth 500 francs."�