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Joan of Arc 1412 "“ 1431 BY: Joan of Arc was born at Domremy in Champagne, on the 6th of January, 1412, and was burned at the stake at Rouen, on the 30th of May, 1431.

It was at the age of thirteen and a half, in the summer of 1425, that Joan first became conscious of the manifestation, whose supernatural character it would now be rash to question, which she afterwards came to call her "voices" or her "counsel." Yielding at last, she left Domremy in January 1429, and again visited Vaucouleurs. On February 17th she announced a great defeat which had befallen the French arms outside Orleans (the battle of the Iterrings). She reached Chinon on March 6th,and two days latter was admitted into the presence of Charles the VII. But perhaps the most interesting fact connected with this early stage of her mission is a letter of one Sirede Rotslaer written from the Lyons on April 22, 1429, which was delivered at Brussels and duly registered, as the manuscript to this day attests, before any of the events referred to received their fulfillment.

Before entering upon her campaign, Joan summoned the King of England to withdraw his troops from French Soil. The English commanders were furious at the duplicity of the demand, but Joan by a radicl movement entered Orleans on April 30th. Her presence there at once worked wonders. By May 8th the English forts that encircled the city had all been captured, and the siege raised, though Joan was wounded in the breast by an arrow.

Joan's earnest entreaty a short campaign was begun upon the Loire, which, after a series of successes, ended on June 18th with a great victory at Patay. Preliminary meetings of the art took place in January, but it was...