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France has regarded Joan of Arc a saint for a long time. As they should Joan helped her country become free from England's rule. When she was growing up she was called Jeanne La Pucelle (Joan the maid.) She is known as Jeanne d' Arc in France.

When Joan was 13 she first started to get visions from the saints. In time this lead Joan to believe God sent her to help King Charles VII. So Joan left Domremy to the town of Vaucoulers to see the king about military help. At first the king laughed at her, but then in April 1429 at age 17 she got her wish of leading an army. She led them to fight in Orleans.

On July 17, 1429 Joan was there to see King Charles actually be crowned in Reims (which was in enemy territory.) After King Charles was crowned Joan wanted to free the city of Paris from English control.

The king wasn't sure she could accomplish this, but he let her try. Then in September 1429 she was wounded in a minor battle near Paris. Then in May 1429 Joan was captured by the Burgundians (French citizens who supported the English) in Compiegne. After capturing Joan the English were determined to keep Joan from the French.

Even though Joan was a saint to the French, to the English she was a devil. So the English tried her for witchcraft and hearsay. The bishop wanted to save her, so he told her if she'd sign that she lied about everything, all the voices and saints then they'd try and help her, so she said that it was a lie. Then when she realized she couldn't deny God, she told the bishop that it was a lie and she really did hear the voices. Then she was sentenced to death. She was burned at the stake before a crowd on May 30,1429. Because heretics could not have a Christian burial, her ashes were spread over the Seine River. Twenty-four years after Joan's death her trial was reopened and she was pronounced innocent. Then in 1920 Pope Benedict XV declared Joan a saint.

In my opinion Joan is definitely a saint. If it wasn't for her France still might be under the rule of the English. It's because of her strong confidence in herself and others that got her and her army to defeat the English.