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Do people truly enjoy and get value from their jobs? Clearly everyone should have an understanding of the economy and news about displeased employees quitting their jobs, going on strike or becoming violent towards their direct managers, and potentially even other employees they did not associate or get along with. In general, most people are fairly satisfied with the jobs that they have especially in troubled economic times like now. As an employee who has risen from a part-time management position to President of my own franchise based company, this paper will describe the different processes that have motivated me and will discuss how people can be motivated to be more productive and satisfied in their job. This paper will also discuss incentives and the difficult issues that employers are faced with, such as attracting and retaining the appropriate employees. As the ever-changing uncertainty continues to impinge on the economy, companies are looking for ways to keep their current employees feel valued, while maintaining the current compensation plan already in effect.

In this difficult economy, understanding and recognizing an employee's value to an organization is important without offering monetary rewards. Employees want to be viewed for the work they do as significant and contributing to helping other employees. It builds a sense of fulfillment and confidence that what they are doing will support future job security. There are so many common rewards that have motivated employees over the years to do more, especially the ability to advance within the organization as well as receive increased compensation. The most important factor for the employee is that they believe that his or her work is meaningful to the organization. While employers demand and look for a job well done, the more clear employers sense that employees can master the job and still...