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DOROTHEA LANGE Dorothea Lange used her camera to capture some of the most eye striking images. The pictures she captured from World War II are amazing. These pictures show a number of things such as children holding a flag showing their patriotism, the suffering of homeless people, and Japanese children standing around at Raphael Weill School. One such name of her artwork is "White Angel Breadline," which shows a man standing amongst more men leaning against a fence with his cup. Her still imagery has made me look at her pictures and other artists work in more depth with the amazing detail shown in her pictures.

Dorothea Lange's works of art in my eyes are beautiful. They capture the suffering and hopelessness that most of us never have to experience. Her artwork also makes us shape our own ideas about what is going on in her pictures. She shows many heart-warming images of children in my eyes, but at the same time there is sadness in the eyes of theses children.

Also in looking at her most famous picture, "In a camp of migratory Pea-Pictures," she shows children seeking the love of their mother, while the mother seems to be sad and helpless. This is the beautiful type of aesthetic image that Dorothea Lange has brought to the world of art.