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Jonathan vs. Edwards Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry men in history who have written explosive speeches. The speeches are profound and affected many people at the time that they were given. Jonathan Edward's speech basically trying to convince people that if they didn't get "Born Again" then they would go to hell. Patrick Henry's speech was a speech whose purpose was to argue a point about America winning its freedom from Great Britain. Although both of these speeches were about subjects that didn't pertain to one another in the least bit, their still were similarities as well differences in both the speech written by Henry to the Virginia Convention and in the speech written by Jonathan Edwards entitled "Sinners In the Hands of an Angry God." The similarities between these two remarkable pieces can be seen. The most recognizable similarities between these speeches are the fact that the whole purpose of the speeches is to convert people, and that each speech had a religious factor in it.

The main purpose of these speeches is to convert people. The purpose of Edward's speech was to try and convert people to Christianity. He talked about how Hell is a firey pit and God is the only one keeping people from burning. He talked about how the only way to stay clear of the wrath of God is by being "Born Again." His speech converted many listeners. The listeners were mostly converted through fear. The fear of burning forever. He talked about how others are already burning and are sorry that they weren't "born Again" while they had the opportunity. This scared a lot of folk into converting to Christianity. Patrick was also trying to convert people. He was trying to convert people into waging a war with Great Britain in order to get the U.S. free. Patrick Henry's speech was in response to Great Britain trying to control the U.S. He also used scare tactics to try to convert people. He talked about how if America didn't prepare for a war then America would be crushed by Britain. He said that war was inevitable. So the only way to keep from being killed is to prepare. Scare tactics as can be seen are used in many speeches in order to convert people or change their minds.

Both Edwards and Henry's speeches had the same kind of religious appeal to them. Both Edwards and Henry lived during the time of the Great Awakening. During this time many speeches had some kind of religious factor that pertained to God. The Great Awakening was a time when many people started traveling and talking about God and tried to convert people to Christianity. Edward's whole speech was on Religion. He talked about how God was the only thing keeping everyone from Hell right now because they were not "Born Again." He talks about how if God wasn't merciful then nothing would be keeping the unsaved from Hell's grip. His whole speech is so interesting to people because it talks about how God is the only way to be saved from the pit of Hell. Patrick Henry used the same type of religion in his speech. He talked about hoe God didn't want Britain to control the U.S. He said that when the war between the U.S and Britain broke out then God would help the U.S. win because the U.S. is doing what he wants so he will save them from destruction. This is sort of how Edward's was saying that if the people did what God wanted ,to be Born Again, then he would save them from destruction from Hell. Using God as a companion was in many speeches. Of course people would listen because everyone wants God on their side.

Although many similarities can be drawn from both speeches. There were also a couple of differences between them. Two main differences is how the speech was delivered and what kind of questions were posed in the speeches. These two men took two different approaches to audience response as well as presentation of the speeches.

Edward's speech was very influential. A lot of people converted in response to his sermon. The only thing is that as Edwards delivers his sermon, he is calm. He doesn't get all hysterical and start shouting while he is delivering his speech. His speech seemed to have enough power of its own to convert people without feeling. So if Edwards would have been hysterical then there would have been a real uproar. During Henry's speech emotion was all over the place. Henry expressed his speech very dramatically. Henry's speech was also very affective. By showing the dramatic emotion toward his cause, Henry attracted many people. They saw how deeply Henry really felt about what he was fighting for. For this reason many people joined Henry in the fight for American freedom.

During Edward's speech he posed a lot of questions. The only thing is the technique he used in getting the answers to the questions. Whenever Edwards asked a question during his speech, he answered it also. This was a way of controlling what the listeners thought. He would ask a question, then pause, and then give them the answer he wanted them to hear. This kept the audience on the same page as them. He was making sure that the listeners were thinking along the same lines that he was thinking. During Henry's speech he also asked questions. There was a difference between in how he asked them and how Edwards asked them. Whenever Henry would ask a question it would be retoracle. This would get the listeners thoughts flowing. He would ask questions that would make the listeners think on the same lines as he did. This technique is used a lot today. Both Edwards and Henrys techniques are used today.

Many great speeches have numerous similarities and numerous differences. The techniques used in these speeches are similar for the most part. If every great speech was compared with one another then the similarity side would be greater than the difference side. Many great speeches take the same approach and use the same techniques because they work. In every speech also there are differences. The differences are what make the speech unique. Even though there might be many similarities the differences are what count and make the speech what it is. The differences determine what kind of influence a speech can really have.