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Jurassic Park: the Lost World Characters There are many characters in this book. Only one of these characters is from the origional. He is Ian Malcom. There are many people, though who take the place of the previos book's characters. There are Kelly and Arby instead of Timmy and his sister for example. There are many main and minor characters in this novel which are all very important to the story line.

Ian Malcom is one of the main characters in the novel. The book starts with him giving a lecture Berkley University. He talks about Chaos Theory and how it implies to the extiction of animals. He is a Mathematition who specializes in Chaos Theory. He searches for the elleged "Site B" of Jurassic Park. He is probably the most important of the main characters.

Richard Levine plays a important role in this novel. In the begining of the novel he is at Malcom's lecture.

Your first impression of Levine is that he is rude and intrusive. He inturrupted Malcom in the middle of his lecture. Later in the story he helps out Malcom in his search for "Site B." Levine's character provides some very interesting views on the mission to "Site B." Sarah Harding is a field researcher in the African Plains. She specializes in the behavior of hyenas. She knew Malcom from personnal affairs. After his near death expierience on Jurassic Park they were close but after a while they became friends again. She is asked to acompany Malcom and levine on the exploration of "Site B." Kelly and Arby are students at the school at which Levine tutered. Levine did not choose to do this. He was arrested for speeding at the school zone and had to serve community service. Kelly and Arby often ran errands for Levine. Kelly is the act now think later type of person. While Arby is the nerdy whimp type of person. He is a fantastic computer hacker. Kelly talks Arby into sneeking abord the trailor going to "Site B." Docter Thorn is a field designer. He makes specialized equipment for field researchers. He makes the vehicles that are to be used on the "Site B" exploration. He joins the "Site B" exploration team because he is one of the only people who know how the equipment works.

Eddie is Doc Thorn's employee. Eddie is Thorns most promising employee so he has Eddie come along on the exploration. Eddie is a minor character but is important the novel. Without him Arby would have died when the raptors attacked.

Luis Dodgson is a minor protagonist in the novel. He works for a company named Biosyn. Biosyn is a genetic engineering company with a bad reputation. The reputation is the doing of Dodgson. He conducts endustial espionage on other genetics companies. He was interested in "Site B" because he wanted to steal an egg of each dinosaur to breed in a park of his own. He is a minor protagonist because the real danger for the exploration team comes from the dinosaurs.

There are many main and minor characters in this novel. They are all very important to the plot line. Each character serves an inportant perpose. The main characters are indepth and all intertwine with each other. The auther does a great job in designing these characters.