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Kahlil Messer... Self Portrait - The Jester..

Artwork. How can it be the greatest of all time? This piece of artwork, discovered through pure luck, familiarises people with the reality of society hiding behind "masks", and not revealing their true, individual-selves. Art is an expression of the intangible substance of the human mind which has manifested into reality, enabling the enormality of ideas, memories and emotions to be expressed that would otherwise not have been expressed with mere words alone. Kahlil Messer, of Woolgoolga High School, has shown in his HSC assessment, the revelation of his true whole-hearted persona. An explanation of why his piece is " the greatest of all time", will be discussed; along with in depth analysation of what he is actually protraying in his picture.

The triptych is a representation of the movement of the jester from one position to the other, then the revelation of the mask showing the indisputable person.

The jester, is the fundamental image of the artwork, portraying a mishievious demeanor distributes on-lookers the concept that he's wickedly laughing at them. Therefore, giving a significant outlook to the observer, on the perception of the artists resemblance of the singularity of personage.

The use of the limited pallette portrays a unique, unnatural darkness within the piece. The frequent usage of black throughout the picture, exposes a sense of the image hiding in the dark, or not showing its whole self by only revealing the head. The red catches the eye and highlights the entire presentment, it also symbolises the paradigmatic colour of the jesters hat. The refined use of yellow on the simulacrum, manifestered the humanistic values of human life., giving the skin an appearance of reality to the picture. The colour scheme, though small, provides intendment to the depiction of the piece...