Karin Bean November 28 MGT 230 Exam One answers questions about Home Depot's strategies, compares competitors and answers to three types of contigency workers

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Karin Bean

November 28, 2004

MGT 230 Exam One

Part I

1. Which of the four types of grand strategies do you think Home Depot is currently pursuing?

Growth Strategies used by the Home Depot

Expanding their existing EXPO Design Center Concept from 15 to 26 stores

Anticipating continued strong expansions in the future

Planning on doubling the sales over the next few years

Increasing sales in existing stores

Focusing on the quality of new stores opened

Improving quality of existing stores

Increasing Share Holder Value

implementing E-commerce (increase of sales and services)

With the growth, strategy Home Depot increases the level of the organizations operations through direct expansion, and quality improvement,

Competitive Strategies

Home Depot uses the Differentiation Strategies, seeking competitive advantage in a broad range of industry segments, with operating EXPO Design Centers, the Apex Supply Company, Georgia Lightning, Maintenance Warehouse, and National Blinds. Also with offering the most recognizable brands in home improvement, quality in products and extraordinary service, Home Depot seeks to be unique in its industry.

Cost Leadership

Home Depot seeks to be a low--cost producer in its industry, with using resources to attain preferential access to raw materials (example, Wood). Home Depot seeks to provide high quality products at low prices.

Home Depots strengths and weakness:

To find weakness in a company's strategy, one would have to perform research, and compare findings.

For Example: Lowe's is one of the world's second largest home improvement retailers.

With adapting to changes in economy and technology, like E-Commerce and Tele-Communication, Lowe's has found that more consumers work from homes, which opened up an opportunity to expand their product line.

Lowe's offers consumers Home Office Products, like computer furniture, and uses this opportunity to suggest to the consumers a need for appropriate lightening. This is a smart...