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Kellia, waz poppin ? I'm bored. Since my mom made me get off the phone I'll write you. I've got to ask you a few things it's easier for me to write it rather than say it. I want to make it clear that I think that you are beautiful outside and have a really beautiful personality. I enjoyed talking to you. I really like the fact that I feel comfortable enough to speak what I think and not half to put on a front. Encase your wondering why I typed this its because my writing is sloppy. Anyway I really like you and wanted to know how you feel about me? I hope the same. By the way as I'm typing I'm starting to feel less shy. I'm not trying to rush its just that I've really liked you for a while so it doesn't feel that fast to me, plus I think we would make a cute couple if you don't care about going with a shorter man.

What time do you work Saturday and Sunday. we can hang out.

I hope I'm not to strait forward. I'm finally getting tried so I'll holla PS / write me back when you get a chance