To kill a mockingbird.

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True courage is demonstrated when a person does or decides to do something that other are afraid to do. Courage is one of the key themes presented in the novel 'To kill a Mockingbird'. Courage is shown when Atticus Finch decides to stand up and stick with a black man's case that is accused for a white girls rape. It is also shown when Mrs. Dubose attempts to quit her morphine addiction and also by Miss Maudie Attikson when she agrees with Atticus instead of taking the towns view on the black man's case and prejudice.

Atticus Finch is the main character that demonstrates courage in the novel. He illustrates courage when he accepts Heck Tate's demand and decides to stand up and stick to Tom Robinson's case, the Negro who is convicted of raping Mayella Ewell a white girl. On P; 75 while talking to scout he says that he's simply defending a Negro, further ahead when scout asks her why are you defending him? He says that if he wouldn't he couldn't hold up his head in town.

Even though he knows he would be discriminated and could end up ruining his children's life but he still sticks to the case fighting for truth and shows courage. Atticus further shows courage when he stays uplate outside Tom Robinson's prison to defend him against a group of people who are expected to come by and harm him. He also illustrates physical courage when he shoots the mad dog Tim Johnson after Mr. Tate denies his accuracy in shooting. He also demonstrates moral courage when he tells his children on P; 76 not to take the view of town, but to think what is right and then act upon it. However by sticking to Tom Robinson's case courage...